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15+ clients with matched Surrogates in Canada

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Our clients are progressing with their surrogacy journeys in Canada with more than 15 now matched with surrogates and one set of IPs approaching the 12 weeks pregnant mark. The availability of surrogates has slowed down a little since February but you need to remember that it is a matching process – both parties need to be happy and completely comfortable to proceed. We have had a few instances where the “match” has not proceeded because either the surrogate or the IPs no longer felt comfortable but that is evidence that the arrangement is completely transparent and free of exploitation.
The relationship that IPs will have with their surrogate mums in Canada is very different from that in other countries. Regular contact by Skype, Whatsapp, email or other apps is common and it is encouraging to see genuine caring relationships develop from scratch.
We hope to report on further pregnancies in the coming weeks.

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