Our first Intending Parents (IPs) to start their surrogacy journey in Greece have been granted a Court order authorising the surrogacy arrangement.  The legal effect of this decision is that from here on the IPs are the only legal parents of any child(ren) that might be conceived and transferred to that surrogate. The next step in coming […]

Our first client to complete the journey in Mexico was granted Australian citizenship today for her twin boys.  This is only the 3rd Australian IP to obtain citizenship based on a surrogacy arrangement in Mexico.  The DIBP staff in the Australian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada have been most helpful. This case took 42 calendar days […]

I declined to assist IPs going to Nepal and warned people against even considering places like Cambodia and China. As much as there are many IPs yearning for a child pursuing the cheapest option in “pop-up” destinations will only result in a nightmare for the IPs and almost certain exploitation of the surrogate mothers. The […]