Global Surrogacy

March 30th, 2016

For the latest news in international surrogacy

Our final client undertaking surrogacy in Mexico will be heading home soon with his new twins (boy and girl). At a time when there are claims of IPs being stranded in Mexico with their babies we know of no instance in the past 2 years where IPs have been stranded in Mexico because of the […]

Our clients are progressing with their surrogacy journeys in Canada with more than 15 now matched with surrogates and one set of IPs approaching the 12 weeks pregnant mark. The availability of surrogates has slowed down a little since February but you need to remember that it is a matching process – both parties need […]

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Surrogacy has received at least 94 written submissions and taken oral submissions from intended parents, Australian Human Rights Commission and Chief Justice Diana Bryant and Judge John Pascoe (2 of the most prominent and vocal opponents of surrogacy). The Committee, chaired by George Christensen (Nationals MP and vocal opponent of Safe […]

Congratulations to our Australian client from Melbourne who recently became a dad to twins – boy and girl, born in Mexico. Despite the significant change in the law which has shut down surrogacy in Mexico for foreigners it seems that the process of obtaining a birth certificate remains reasonably straightforward. We will keep posting updates […]

Chicago is a beautiful city and may soon be a Qantas direct flight destination. It is in the State of Illinois which has very favourable laws for international surrogacy. The team we are working with in Chicago have come up with some very competitively priced surrogacy packages when compared to other US surrogacy destinations. Check out our Illinois […]

Our team in Nevada has put together a very competitively priced package for those considering surrogacy in the USA. The total price is less than USD $120,000 which includes unlimited embryo transfers using your supply from one egg donor cycle. They also offer a “guaranteed live birth” package which includes all transfers and egg donor cycles necessary to achieve […]

With the exceptional success rate being achieved by The Fertility Center (“TFC”) some clients have now chosen a hybrid Nevada/Canada surrogacy program where a Canadian surrogate mother flies to Las Vegas for the Embryo Transfer and then returns to Canada. This program is a little more expensive than the pure Canadian program.