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8 babies in 6 weeks

Global Surrogacy Twins Mexico

We have been busy examining new options for International Surrogacy over the past 8 months but even busier in the past 2 months preparing for impending arrivals. There are 8 babies due to enter the world in 4 different countries over the next 6 weeks. Further, last week there were twins born in Greece and a single little boy born in Mexico. All are healthy and doing well. I am currently in USA & Mexico examining a newly established option of a hybrid Mexico/California surrogacy program. The surrogate mum is either a dual national (USA Mexico) or a Mexican with a US residency visa. She does not need to climb Trump’s wall as she will be entitled to walk through the gate. Pre-birth court orders are obtained from the State courts in California and the baby will be delivered in a hospital in California. Therefore California and US law applies giving your child US citizenship. I will update with further details later but it looks like being the lowest cost of all the international surrogacy options my clients currently pursue.

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