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The Parliamentary Inquiry into Surrogacy has received at least 94 written submissions and taken oral submissions from intended parents, the Australian Human Rights Commission and Chief Justice Diana Bryant and Judge John Pascoe (2 of the most prominent and vocal opponents of surrogacy).

The Committee, chaired by George Christensen (Nationals MP and vocal opponent of Safe Schools program and marriage equality), one of the “del-cons” in the government, is due to report back to Parliament by the end of June. Given the current election timetable its report may not get much exposure in the media.

I was very troubled by some of the critical and sensational submissions directed against intended parents generally and I found it galling to read submissions from religious institutions claiming to be concerned for the well-being of the children. Where is the concern of these religious institutions for the victims of child sexual abuse by members of those institutions?

I attach a copy of my submission.

Submissions Surrogacy Inquiry

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