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Birth certificates were issued & citizenship applications lodged

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Our final client undertaking surrogacy in Mexico will be heading home soon with his new twins (boy and girl). At a time when there are claims of IPs being stranded in Mexico with their babies we know of no instance in the past 2 years where IPs have been stranded in Mexico because of the actions or inaction of Mexican authorities. There has been one case where the Civil Registry’s flawed interpretation of the Hague Convention caused a temporary delay in the IPs returning home and there have been cases of IPs delayed because of the incompetence or misconduct of agents. They are not matters for which blame can be attributed to the Mexican authorities – you must comply with the law.

The law in Tabasco, Mexico has changed and foreign and same-sex IPs will no longer be able to access the surrogacy programs in Mexico. However, in that environment our client obtained the birth certificates for his twins in less than 2 weeks after they were discharged from hospital – and that period included Easter!

Congratulations S and all the best to you and M, your surrogate, and E and I your newest family members. We look forward to catching up with you in 2 week’s time in Mexico City to ensure everything is on track for your E’s and I’s passport applications.

Finally a special thanks to Leon Altamirano, the one and only lawyer in Villahermosa who consistently delivers results.

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