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California Hybrid Surrogacy Option

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I have now spent some 4 months looking at this option in more detail and it seems to be a very worthwhile option. Check out details here California Hybrid program
In brief you can save at least USD $40,000 compared to a whole California program because the program has special package pricing for medical / hospital procedures, the embryo transfer is done in Cancun, Mexico and the surrogate is a Mexican woman with residency rights in USA. The relevant law is Californian and US law because the surrogate is entitled to medical treatment in California, the child is delivered in California and the Californian courts have jurisdiction to make the pre-birth order giving all parentage rights to the intended parents. The surrogate mother can travel across the border from Tijuana to San Diego for pre-natal appointments if necessary.
Around the world the viable options for single or same-sex parents are diminishing and this is one option open to all family structures.

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