Surrogacy in California.

California has been referred to as one of the best States in the USA for surrogacy. There are no restrictions on the sexuality or marital status of Intended Parents and the surrogate is permitted to be compensated provided there is a properly executed Gestational Carrier Agreement.  As a consequence it is also the most expensive jurisdiction for surrogacy.

About Surrogacy in California.

We work with several surrogacy agencies for introducing you to surrogates and egg donors. In California, a surrogate is often described as a Gestational Carrier which distinguishes her from a “traditional surrogate” which is not permitted. All women applying to be a gestational carrier are rigorously screened to assess their psychological, uterine and basic overall health. The agencies we work with have worked extensively with San Diego Fertility Center (“SDFC”) our preferred clinic in California.


IPs will complete a profile and biography and a FaceTime or Skype video conference will be held with representatives of each of the clinic, surrogacy agency and attorneys before they are matched with a surrogate. A client liaison officer / nurse from the agency and clinic will be assigned to your case for the duration of your journey.


Throughout your journey all communication with the clinic, agency, lawyers or other service providers in California will be copied to us. If you have a medical issue then you will direct your email to the relevant clinic staff but copy us. If you have a question concerning administration, travel, legal issues or financial matters then you will address your email to us and we will engage with the relevant service provider as appropriate. We will be the project managers for your journey.


When a payment instalment falls due the service provider will send an invoice to us for your attention. We will first validate that the instalment is payable under the contract and if so pass it on to you for payment. You will make the payment by international bank transfer and send a copy of the remittance advice to us and the service provider.

At around week 16 we will also assist you in obtaining the pre-birth State Court order of parentage and a direction that the birth certificate will show ONLY the IP or IPs name(s).


At around month 7 of the pregnancy we will start talking to you about your travel plans and we will prepare your citizenship and passport applications and prepare the first draft of the surrogate mother’s affidavit. We will send the draft affidavit to the clinic and lawyer so they can provide it to the surrogate mother for her review.


Immediately after the birth of your child we will assist you in obtaining your birth certificate and  will lodge your citizenship application, application for DNA testing and forward the completed passport application to you for your lodgement. You will be given detailed and complete instructions on how to prepare all documentation and the steps you must take. The Australian Embassy in Washington is responsible for all citizenship applications made for children born in USA and in our experience the applications are taking about 5 weeks to finalise. It will be quicker for you to apply for a US passport and then we will obtain an electronic tourist visa for you child so that you can return to Australia about 3 weeks after their birth. We and the Californian lawyers will assist you with the documentation to obtain the US Passport.


Upon your return to Australia we will meet with you to ensure everything has been completed and then guide or refer you to lawyers to complete the Family Court application for parenting orders.

Benefits of Surrogacy in California.

SINCE 2013

Since 2013, fully compensated surrogacy is permitted in California.


Married and un-married couples of any sexuality and single men and women can all enter gestational carrier agreements in California. California has been referred to as the most surrogacy friendly State in USA.


Intended parents can obtain pre-birth court orders generally without the need for a hearing. The IPs having no biological link to the child is no bar to parentage under Californian law.


Children born through a surrogacy arrangement will automatically be US citizens and entitled to obtain a US passport. A US passport is normally available within 3 weeks of birth.


Provided IPs’ country of origin allows dual citizenship and citizenship by descent the child should also acquire the citizenship of the Intended Parents.


The child’s birth certificate should issue within days of birth and can record both IPs as parents, regardless of sex, or indeed just a dad or just a mum.


The practical step-by-step process of surrogacy in California is as follows:

IPs complete a profile and bio and undertake blood tests and sperm analysis (as applicable)

IPs provide identity documents and Police check

IPs sign agreements with all the service providers

IPs review surrogate mother profiles and are introduced to a potential surrogate

IPs and surrogate continue communicating until all are happy to proceed

Surrogate completes medical screening and given the go ahead

IPs take out appropriate health insurance policies Gestational Carrier Agreement negotiated (with our guidance and advice) and signed

If applicable egg/sperm donor selected and agreement signed

IPs provide their sperm or eggs to clinic

IPs provide clear instructions to the clinic on embryo transfer protocols

Surrogate mother receives medical preparation and medication

Coordination of egg donor and surrogate for a Fresh Embryo Transfer

Throughout the pregnancy we are on call to discuss any issues of any nature that may arise

US lawyers prepare and submit your application for Pre-birth orders

In the final month of pregnancy the doctor will advise a tentative delivery date

We assist you with your travel planning and preparation At birth the court order is presented to obtain the birth certificate

Latest News

Practical and legal updates to surrogacy in California will be published here

Our Recommended Partner in California

The San Diego Fertility Center (“SDFC”) has three clinics in Southern California. Dr. Kettel and Dr. Daneshmand have greatly contributed to the San Diego Fertility Center`s success, exceeding the national average. In addition to its exceptional success rates, as published by the CDC, the Clinic specialises in complex IVF cases and IVF using donor eggs and gestational carriers.


SDFC is a world leading IVF clinic with a research pedigree that has been helping create thousands of families since 1989. Doctors Kettel and Daneshmand have pioneered ground-breaking research resulting in ever increasing success rates and an international reputation for excellence. Their expertise has made them some of the most sought after physicians in their field and they are often called upon by their colleagues to treat complex patients or those with previously unsuccessful cycles.

The Cost of Surrogacy in California

We have worked with the team of professionals in the USA to come up with some very competitively priced packages for surrogacy in California. At Global Surrogacy we will discuss your particular circumstances with you and then provide you with a fixed total package price set out in a spreadsheet that includes a payment schedule. The total price includes all fees payable to the surrogate, egg donors, lawyers, agencies and the Clinic and our fees.


The approximate total price for surrogacy with an egg donor using SDFC in California and a surrogate is USD $140,000. There is a price list for optional additional services (eg: PGS) and contingencies (eg: twins). This basic package price includes unlimited embryo transfers (within 12 months) using the embryos obtained from one cycle. A separate “guaranteed live birth” package (to approved applicants on meeting medical criteria) provides unlimited embryo transfers with a refund for approximately USD $153,000.


All agency fees for surrogates and egg donors;
All surrogate compensation and anticipated expenses for a routine pregnancy;
All medical fees payable to the Clinic for IVF services and first trimester monitoring
All legal fees payable to California lawyers for agreements and parentage orders;
All fees payable for services including the preparation and lodgement of citizenship and passport applications;
The project management fee for Global Surrogacy.
Medication for second and subsequent frozen embryo transfer attempts is EXCLUDED

Our payment schedule sets out the instalments by which each service provider is paid over the duration of your journey, it’s features are as follows:


Transparent and set out in a payment schedule.


Schedule offers for additional services and contingency costs.


Packages available for greater certainty of total costs..


Cost effective health insurance.

Heterosexual and homosexual couples can legally enter into a Gestational Carrier Agreement using their own gametes or totally donated gametes.

A Court in any County in the State of California can make an order confirming the validity of the Gestational Carrier Agreement and directing the manner in which the birth certificate is to record the parents.

California law is clear in providing that the gestational carrier has no parental rights over the child and there is no ability for her to change her mind.

The birth certificates can list the names of one or both intended parents, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The certificate is normally issued within a week of the child’s birth.

The child will be a US Citizen and obtain a US passport. It is strongly recommended that the child depart USA on its US passport.