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5 babies in the last 3 months to Intended Parents doing surrogacy in Canada. We have had babies born in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Our intended parents have been married straight couples, gay couples, couples where a biological parent was not an Australian citizen and parents with no biological link to the child. We have had difficulty in getting the DNA tests completed because clinics in Canada, from the Australian Immigration Panel clinics, have been reluctant to assist. In those cases, we are taking the sample from the baby when the parents return to Australia with their baby. Applying for AU citizenship upon return to Australia has been very efficient with most children receiving their citizenship within 2 weeks of the application being lodged online. Children born in Canada and USA can avail themselves of this option because they can obtain Canadian and US passports respectively within days of the birth certificate being issued. Another issue has been Canadian lawyers charging significant fees for simply witnessing documents. As a lawyer in Australia, I never charge a person for witnessing documents or affidavits. I see it as a responsibility of my profession. With this experience, we are adapting and re-jigging our service which will benefit the 6 pregnancies due for delivery in Canada in the next 3 months.

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