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Below you will find all our posts, recent and archived, in respect of legal or practical developments in our surrogacy programs and in some instances highlights of problems experienced in other locations where surrogacy is NOT legal.

Important note: Please observe the publish date. This post may have been published some time ago and may not be up to date. We may not currently operate in the location discussed in this article. To view the list of surrogacy countries where we currently operate, please click here, and you will be directed to the surrogacy countries page.

Surrogacy Court Approval Greece

“We survived without a parenting order”: Australian IPs

In the past 7 years of dealing with international surrogacy clients, I have recommended parenting orders for Australian IPs and explained how they are important when things go wrong. Although all my clients have obtained affidavits from their surrogates many have decided not to subsequently proceed with the Application for

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Surrogacy Court Approval Greece

US Citizenship in Surrogacy may be Trumped

US citizenship and therefore a US passport for children born through surrogacy may be thrown into doubt.  Apparently Trump is linking the issue to illegal immigration and considering an executive order to stop “birthright citizenship”. The USA is one of few countries that grant citizenship automatically to a child born

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Asian Egg Donors

We have a significant number of Asian egg donors who are available to travel for egg collection in either surrogacy programs or your own IVF cycles.  Our egg donors include Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese from a range of south-east Asian countries.  They are able to commence their medication protocols in their

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Embryo | Global Surrogacy

International Surrogacy – Cost Certainty

International surrogacy is often an option of last resort for intending parents who have a medical or biological reason for being unable to access IVF in their own country.  Sometimes it follows years of unsuccessful attempts at IVF, fertility treatments or even exploring adoption pathways.  No matter the path that

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Updated Website

With the full addition of Georgia to our surrogacy programs we have also updated and simplified our website. Please take a look and let us know if you spot any typographical or other errors. We now have comprehensive programs in Ukraine, Georgia, and Greece that offer legal and price certainty

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Global Surrogacy Sleepying Baby Bunny

Global Surrogacy Inc – New Structure – Total Service

We have been relatively quiet on social media over the past 12 months as we investigated all of the surrogacy options around the world open to international intended parents. Although the fundamental and most critical question for intending parents (“IPs”) is “Will I be able to travel home with my

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Nevada Hybrid

International Surrogacy Conference – Taipei December 2017

We will be holding a conference on International Surrogacy in Taipei on 29 and 30 December 2017. Catch the magnificent atmosphere of Taipei 101 being lit up on New Years Eve after getting information on international surrogacy options in Greece, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Georgia, USA and Canada. More information will

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Global Surrogacy Tijuana Mexico

California Hybrid Surrogacy Option

I have now spent some 4 months looking at this option in more detail and it seems to be a very worthwhile option. Check out details here California Hybrid programIn brief you can save at least USD $40,000 compared to a whole California program because the program has special package

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Surrogacy Baby Boom

The last 4 months have been busy. Welcome to the world and welcome home to Australia – 9 newborn citizens to 8 intended parent couples, born in 4 countries – Mexico, USA, Canada, Greece. While all parents arrived home with their child without incident or delay it gave us an

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Global Surrogacy Twins Mexico

8 babies in 6 weeks

We have been busy examining new options for International Surrogacy over the past 8 months but even busier in the past 2 months preparing for impending arrivals. There are 8 babies due to enter the world in 4 different countries over the next 6 weeks. Further, last week there were

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