Below you will find all our posts, recent and archived, in respect of legal or practical developments in our surrogacy programs and in some instances highlights of problems experienced in other locations where surrogacy is NOT legal.

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Surrogacy in Colombia | Global Surrogacy

Is surrogacy to be prohibited in Colombia?

Update July 24, 2023: Following our earlier communication below regarding a draft law aimed at regulating surrogacy in Colombia, we must inform you that the Bill has been defeated and will not advance further. While the current outcome signifies a positive development, it is important to note that the possibility

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Colombian Surrogacy Birth Certificate

Colombia – Whose name is on the birth certificate?

On a trip to Mexico and Colombia last week, we met with our new Colombian lawyer, who has offered us a new procedure for obtaining the child’s birth certificate with the intended parent’s names, and only their names, on it.  The new procedure has been successfully employed several times and

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The Measure of a Surrogacy Agency is its Service During a Crisis

We have previously announced the closure of our Russia program.  It is unfortunate given that our clients experienced great results from Russian clinics, but it is impossible to operate under the current circumstances where Russia has invaded Ukraine and suffered from crippling sanctions.  Our final clients in Russia had their

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Impact on Surrogacy

Affect on Surrogacy We have all watched in horror the images of a war on civilians, including children, as images of maiming, destruction and death are spread across our media.  We honour our brave Ukrainian colleagues who have risked their lives to get the gametes and embryos of clients to

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine – Media Reports

I recently read a Spanish media report that highlighted problems and delays being faced by Spanish IPs undertaking surrogacy in Ukraine. It reported on concerns the Spanish consular staff in Kiev had with the legitimacy of some surrogacy arrangements undertaken by Spanish nationals.  It was also the Spanish consular officials

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine Surrogacy – Rumours about Legal Changes – Update

Further to our last post that the Ukrainian laws with respect to surrogacy and access by foreign IPs to their programs I note that the Ukrainian clinic/agency that was advertising the “shut-down” of surrogacy is now promoting surrogacy options again. In this industry double-check or triple-check all claims made on

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