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2020 has been a terrible year for international surrogacy – for everyone.  Too early to say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet but this post is about our Colombia program.

I travelled to Bogotá and Bucaramanga in February and March this year.  Yes my timing was prescient.  Passing through Tokyo, Moscow and Berlin airports I was struck by how quiet they were but then for my flight to Bogotá through Madrid I couldn’t have imagined Madrid airport could get any busier.

So after fruitful discussions with clinics and lawyers in Colombia just as I finalised details of the 2 different programs we would offer the border gates came down.  Colombia has been hit hard by COVID-19 but the borders are now opening up again and we are shipping sperm into the Bogotá clinic.  We are offering a guarantee program in Bogotá and a pay as you go program in Bucaramanga.  We have established an office with staff on the ground in Colombia and we have now started taking IP clients for these programs.

Details of the programs are up on our Surrogacy Colombia Page.

We have declined to offer “guarantee programs” previously because all of those of which we were aware did not meet our requirements of transparency or convince us that they were in fact ethical surrogacy programs.  This program in Colombia is fully transparent and ethical.

For more information contact us after reviewing the website.

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