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We are now proud to offer a world class Asian egg donation program as part of our commitment to helping intended parents

Our program provides egg donation services to intended parents who either do not have or are unable to conceive using eggs of their own.

At the moment all of our egg donors are Asian. They come from a range countries, including China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos. They are aged between 20 and 32 and are carefully selected through a comprehensive screening process that includes a broad range of blood tests and extensive medical examinations. It also includes a comprehensive personal and family history check.

Our donors are educated, generous, and motivated by a desire to help intended parents build families through surrogacy.

We understand that finding the right donor is an important part of the surrogacy journey. We also understand that many intended parents have particular ideas about the attributes that they’d like their donors to have. Our multilingual and carefully trained staff work closely with intended parents to match them with donors who meet their wishes and needs.

We provide intended parents with information about potential donors, including their medical histories, education, interests and family lives. We are committed to guiding our intended parents through the donor matching process with as much information, ease and care as possible.

Once our intended parents have been matched with donors, we work with our affiliate medical clinics to co-ordinate the egg collection and IVF processes. All of our donors are prepared to travel to the countries where our intended parents have chosen to pursue surrogacy. Mature eggs from their IVF cycles are fertilised with the sperm of an intended parent or donor using ICSI in one of our affiliate clinics.

This significantly increases the transfer success rate, when compared to shipping embryos between countries or clinics. The resultant embryos belong to our intended parents, and are transferred as required to help achieve a pregnancy.


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If you would like to be an egg donor, any racial background, please complete the form below.
Asian Egg Donors
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