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Surrogacy in Greece – First Australian IPs obtain Court approval

Surrogacy Court Approval Greece

Our first Intending Parents (IPs) to start their surrogacy journey in Greece have been granted a Court order authorising the surrogacy arrangement.  The legal effect of this decision is that from here on the IPs are the only legal parents of any child(ren) that might be conceived and transferred to that surrogate.

The next step in coming days will be the fresh embryo transfer.

At birth the child(ren) will be issued with a Greek birth certificate with both IPs names as the parents.  There is no need for any further legal process or DNA testing.

The Court process took 24 days.  The filing of the case was delayed however due to the snap Greek election which under Greek law is supervised by the Courts and lawyers.

The second IPs are awaiting their court decision.

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