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Here at Global Surrogacy, we understand the stress, frustration, and difficulty that couples can face when completing their families. For couples who cannot have a baby, single men and women who want to have children, and gay couples, the answer could be surrogacy.


Laos Surrogacy Services

Laos Falls

Surrogacy in Laos is illegal and problematic. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any programs in Laos.

If you are interested in Gay surrogacy, we suggest using one of our other international gay surrogacy programs in Colombia & Mexico.

We have first-hand experience of all our clinics, we know the legal frameworks of the countries we work in – and we understand and comply with all local laws and regulations to ensure that everything goes smoothly if you decide surrogacy is for you.

We know that if you are considering Laos gay surrogacy, you will have already been thinking about the best answer for your family – and we are here to make sure that you are supported with all the information you need to make the right decision. We only offer ethical surrogacy; we will match you to the right surrogate mother and whether you are using an egg donor, donated sperm or a frozen embryo you know we ensure compliance with the required standards – professionally and ethically – when dealing with the intended parents and surrogate mothers.

When you embark on your surrogacy journey, the process usually takes about a year – and we know that you will be eager to get more information about what is happening throughout.

Depending on the gay surrogacy country, time frames will differ; we have clinics around the world so different regulations can affect screening and permissions. We take time to make the right selections; the optimum gametes, a healthy egg donor, the best individual sperm and the best quality embryos all ensure the health of the surrogate mother and a healthy pregnancy.

Once the process is underway, the usual steps include:

12-15 days after embryo transfer, the surrogate mother will have a blood test to discover if she is pregnant. If positive, an ultrasound examination and blood test will be arranged for around the gestational age of 5 weeks. At this point, the ultrasound should show an embryonic sac, and an embryo if successful.

In the first trimester, the surrogate mother will have clinical appointments every 2 weeks, and at 12 weeks another ultrasound will be completed, checking the foetus for a heartbeat and to assess development.

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During the second trimester, the surrogate mother will attend appointments every three weeks for a combination of examinations including ultrasounds, blood and urine tests, and physical examination.

Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate mother will meet weekly with a social worker, counsellor, or nurse to make sure that there are no issues in terms of the mother’s lifestyle, environment, and psychological wellbeing.

As the pregnancy progresses to the last weeks, the doctor will decide about the delivery date and method. As the intended parents, you will be kept informed of this – and although it is not always possible to give a date, if an induction or a caesarean is arranged, you will have this information.

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  • All consultancy fees
  • Donor and Surrogacy agency fees
  • IVF including ICSI and unlimited embryo transfers
  • Donor compensation (Payable after retrieval)
  • Donor stimulation medication
  • Surrogate mother medical exams
  • Surrogate mother medication for preparation and standard infections
  • Surrogacy contract and legal fees for Court application
  • Surrogate mother transportation and accommodation fees
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Support medication after embryo transfer for surrogate
  • Pregnancy test
  • Review of surrogate application/medical records
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • All medical and hospital expenses in the public hospital system
  • Regular medical visits and tests during pregnancy
  • Standard prenatal screenings
  • Surrogate transportation for embryo transfer
  • Surrogate transportation costs for pre-natal checks and routine medical checks
  • Fully screened surrogate
  • Psychologist visits for surrogate during pregnancy
  • Airport transfers for IPs on arrival for birth
  • Complications arising for the surrogate during delivery or pregnancy
  • Medical and hospital costs for delivery
  • Post birth care of surrogate by doctor and clinic
  • Surrogate transportation home
  • Issue of registered birth certificate
  • Notary and apostile fees for standard documents
  • Fees for citizenship and passport applications;

Our payment schedule sets out the instalments you will pay us over the duration of your journey. All fees are paid directly to Global Surrogacy. Our payment schedule’s features are as follows:

Identifies milestones and payments on a monthly basis.

Identifies the cost of additional services and contingencies.

Offers Packages for greater certainty of the total costs.

Is payable in US dollars.