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Gay Marriage Surrogacy

If you are in the market for gay marriage surrogacy, Global Surrogacy has the program that can make your family complete.

Commercial Surrogacy
For Gay Male Couples

Your gay surrogacy options include the states of California and Texas in the USA, and these programs are able to give you the child that you want.

Throughout your journey, you will be working with Global Surrogacy, which is run by a gay couple who have personally experienced the difficulties of surrogacy. Therefore, they aim to help gay couples to become in locations including surrogacy in Greece. Global Surrogacy provides not only gay marriage surrogacy but single gay men surrogacy as well.

As a surrogate-friendly state, California is open to commercial surrogacy for gay male couples, and you do not need to be married. Surrogates can be compensated, but there needs to be a Gestational Carrier Agreement in place.

For surrogacy in California, you can donate your own sperm and use a clinic egg donor or an external egg donor to create your baby.

In Texas, commercial surrogacy has been legal since 2003, and as the intended parents, you can both be registered on the birth certificate. Surrogacy is available in Texas to those who are married and in same-sex couples. No matter which USA state you choose, the women applying to be surrogates go through rigorous screening for their health and well-being. To begin your journey, you will create a profile and biography, and this will be reviewed by the agency, clinic and attorneys before you are matched with a surrogate.

Global Surrogacy acts as your project managers throughout your journey, and any correspondence will go through us and be sent to the relevant parties. We are here for you to make the legal proceedings and paperwork as simple as possible, and we help you to arrange citizenship and passport applications for your child.

By accessing the surrogacy programs in California or Texas, your child will also be granted US citizenship, along with the country of origin of the intended parents. Should there be no biological link to the child, you will be still be considered the parents of the child in both California and Texas. Your child’s birth certificate will be able to show both parents, regardless of the sex.

Gay Surrogacy Options with Global Surrogacy

At Global Surrogacy, we want to help intended parents to realise their dreams of becoming a parent. We know the process can seem confusing, which is why we are here for you every step of the way. By making the process as stress-free as possible, you can concentrate on becoming parents and all the excitement that it brings.

We also believe in keeping open communication with you. If you have any questions throughout the process, let us know, and we will do our best to answer them. Surrogacy can be a long journey, but your patience will be rewarded with your baby.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment to find out more about surrogacy for gay couples in the USA.