Gay Marriage Surrogacy

If you are in the market for gay marriage surrogacy, Global Surrogacy has the program that can make your family complete.

Surrogacy For Gay Marriages

Commercial Surrogacy For Gay Male Couples

Your gay surrogacy options include the states of California and Texas in the USA, and these programs are able to give you the child that you want.

Throughout your journey, you will be working with Global Surrogacy, which is run by a gay couple who have personally experienced the difficulties of surrogacy. Therefore, they aim to help gay couples to become in locations including surrogacy in Russia and surrogacy in Greence. Global Surrogacy provides not only gay marriage surrogacy but single gay men surrogacy as well.

As a surrogate-friendly state, California is open to commercial surrogacy for gay male couples, and you do not need to be married. Surrogates can be compensated, but there needs to be a Gestational Carrier Agreement in place.

For surrogacy in California, you can donate your own sperm and use a clinic egg donor or an external egg donor to create your baby.

In Texas, commercial surrogacy has been legal since 2003, and as the intended parents, you can both be registered on the birth certificate. Surrogacy is available in Texas to those who are married and in same-sex couples. No matter which USA state you choose, the women applying to be surrogates go through rigorous screening for their health and well-being. To begin your journey, you will create a profile and biography, and this will be reviewed by the agency, clinic and attorneys before you are matched with a surrogate.

Global Surrogacy acts as your project managers throughout your journey, and any correspondence will go through us and be sent to the relevant parties. We are here for you to make the legal proceedings and paperwork as simple as possible, and we help you to arrange citizenship and passport applications for your child.

By accessing the surrogacy programs in California or Texas, your child will also be granted US citizenship, along with the country of origin of the intended parents. Should there be no biological link to the child, you will be still be considered the parents of the child in both California and Texas. Your child’s birth certificate will be able to show both parents, regardless of the sex.


A brief outline of the step-by-step process of surrogacy is as follows:

IPs complete a profile and bio and undertake blood tests and sperm analysis (as applicable)

IPs provide identity documents and a Police check

IPs sign agreement with Global Surrogacy;

IPs obtain a medical letter setting out their medical indications for surrogacy;

IPs obtain ORIGINAL marriage, birth and change of name certificates;

IPs pay the first instalment in accordance with the Global Surrogacy invoice;

IPs are offered a surrogate mother;

Under our direction IPs will be assigned a Greek lawyer to prepare surrogacy agreement and court documents;

IPs travel to Greece to execute the surrogacy agreement, undergo testing and assessment by the clinic and commence the court application

IPs will meet all relevant clinic staff and provide their instructions on embryo transfer to the clinic

IPs provide gametes or embryos if applicable

We Provide Surrogate Services Internationally

Gay Surrogacy Options with Global Surrogacy

At Global Surrogacy, we want to help intended parents to realise their dreams of becoming a parent. We know the process can seem confusing, which is why we are here for you every step of the way. By making the process as stress-free as possible, you can concentrate on becoming parents and all the excitement that it brings.

We also believe in keeping open communication with you. If you have any questions throughout the process, let us know, and we will do our best to answer them. Surrogacy can be a long journey, but your patience will be rewarded with your baby.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment to find out more about surrogacy for gay couples in the USA.


All consultancy fees
Donor and Surrogacy agency fees
IVF including ICSI and unlimited embryo transfers
Donor compensation (Payable after retrieval)
Donor stimulation medication
Surrogate mother medical exams
Surrogate mother medication for preparation and standard infections
Surrogacy contract and legal fees for Court application
Surrogate mother transportation and accommodation fees
Surrogate compensation
Support medication after embryo transfer for surrogate
Pregnancy test
Review of surrogate application/medical records
Prenatal vitamins
All medical and hospital expenses in the public hospital system
Regular medical visits and tests during pregnancy
Standard prenatal screenings
Surrogate transportation for embryo transfer
Surrogate transportation costs for pre-natal checks and routine medical checks
Fully screened surrogate
Psychologist visits for surrogate during pregnancy
Airport transfers for IPs on arrival for birth
Complications arising for the surrogate during delivery or pregnancy
Medical and hospital costs for delivery
Post birth care of surrogate by doctor and clinic
Surrogate transportation home
Issue of registered birth certificate
Notary and apostile fees for standard documents
Fees for citizenship and passport applications;

Our payment schedule sets out the instalments you will pay us over the duration of your journey. All fees are paid directly to Global Surrogacy. Our payment schedule’s features are as follows:


Identifies milestones and payments on a monthly basis.


Identifies the cost of additional services and contingencies.


Offers Packages for greater certainty of the total costs.


Is payable in Euros or US dollars.

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Creating Happy Stories Globally

Read what some of our clients have had to say about our programs and the support we provide.

Ed and Jess

Global Surrogacy enabled us to achieve our dreams by helping us bring our babies home. We had twins born through surrogacy in America and Global Surrogacy explained everything we needed to do and helped us every step of the way. They were always contactable and went out of their way to make it happen as smoothly as possible.

Andry and Kenny

Global Surrogacy is great. Very friendly and very helpful. Will always recommend them to others definitely. They will get back to your email immediately once they see it and they always follow up with you to make sure everything is sorted.

Josh and Paul

We contacted Global Surrogacy after learning of potentially difficult circumstances beginning to present themselves legally in our self-managed surrogacy program.

From the moment they agreed to partner with us on our journey, Global Surrogacy was a constant source of comfort and reassurance for us.


Global Surrogacy provides the right and timely advice you need in your surrogacy journey.Their role in reviewing all the legal contracts, advising the regulatory compliance is pivotal and is a safeguard of your successful surrogacy journey.

Mr and Mrs D

Global Surrogacy's experience, skill and knowledge in the highly complicated area of International Commercial Surrogacy, not only helped us to complete our required paperwork, it made our whole experience so much more relaxed. We felt secure knowing that we had a professional to assist us with every step required for the legalities in our state.

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