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Georgia Surrogacy – Quick Exit Experience


UPDATE: We have another client who had a son born in Tbilisi, Georgia 2 days ago so we will see how their exit process goes based on the precedent described below.

Global Surrogacy has clients from across the globe undertaking surrogacy programs in 6 different countries. Yet as diverse as our clients tend to be, they often have very similar concerns – “How soon can I return home with my child?”.

For surrogacy programs in Europe the child must obtain citizenship and a passport from its intended parents’ home country and that can often mean remaining in that country for some weeks!

Despite this reality, we’re proud to say that at Global Surrogacy, we work hard to get our clients home as quickly as possible in every instance. We do everything in our power to expedite every process, particularly the conferral of citizenship, and we’ve been getting our clients home in record speed.

Most recently, we were able to co-ordinate the expeditious conferral of citizenship for an Australian couple pursuing one of our surrogacy programs in Tbilisi, Georgia.

According to information published online by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia, it can take anywhere up to 3 months for Australian citizenship applications to be processed. However, in this instance, not only were we able to facilitate the acquisition of Australian citizenship in a significantly shorter timeframe, but we were able to have our clients in and out of Georgia within a month. This is an excellent achievement – and demonstrates the efficiency for which our Georgian programs are renowned.


  • Our clients arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia, just prior to the birth of their son on 21 June 2018;
  • Their child was issued with a birth certificate five days later, on 26 June 2018 which included a weekend;
  • An English translation of the birth certificate and all documentation was obtained by 28 June 2018;
  • An Application for Australian citizenship was lodged on the same day;
  • A DNA sample was collected from the child on 4 July 2018;
  • The DNA results were reported and sent to the relevant government department on 11 July 2018;
  • Australian citizenship was granted by the Australian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey on 11 July 2018;
  • Our clients submitted the Australian passport application that we prepared for them in Warsaw, Poland on 17 July 2018;
  • We expect an Emergency passport to be issued today, 19 July 2018.

This timeline demonstrates that with an efficient and expeditious preparation of documentation and coordination of all agencies intended parents do not need to endure long stays in foreign countries once their children are born. We are constantly developing new practices and protocols to make sure that all of our clients, no matter where they pursue surrogacy, can take their child or children home as quickly and as safely as possible.

For more information about the Georgian surrogacy programs that we currently offer, write to or stay posted for further information.

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