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Global Surrogacy Achievements 2019

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We are proud that Global Surrogacy continues to achieve firsts and consistency in this industry. These achievements stand in contrast to the negative media reports and misleading social media commentary about what is “impossible”.

In 2019 we had our first single intended mum complete a surrogacy journey and bring her child home in under 6 weeks. We have the Court order by which she was granted sole parentage in Russia. Her son was granted citizenship and issued a passport very quickly such that her total time overseas was about 6 weeks.

Today our client intended parents board their flight home from Kyiv, Ukraine with their 5-week old son. Again their son was granted citizenship and issued a passport before he was 5 weeks old. Their case was delayed by 10 days because the clinic in Kyiv did not immediately courier the child’s DNA sample to the laboratory so they could have been home sooner.

In the next 3 months, we have a single intended father, 4 heterosexual intended parents and a gay couple with babies (including 2 sets of twins) due to be born in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. We continue to prepare all of their paperwork and closely monitor their progress with the aim that each child will be travelling home within 6 weeks of their birth.

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