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We have been relatively quiet on social media over the past 12 months as we investigated all of the surrogacy options around the world open to international intended parents. Although the fundamental and most critical question for intending parents (“IPs”) is “Will I be able to travel home with my child?“; overall costs, financial certainty, surrogate and child medical costs, reliable and healthy surrogate availability, clinic success rates and accessibility for all 2018 family structures are also very important factors for many IPs.

Our Surrogacy Programs

Having identified issues with the surrogacy programs in Canada and the USA, related to the availability of healthy surrogates and the lack of affordable health insurance we decided to focus on Europe in 2018 by offering a complete “one-stop service” to clients for our surrogacy programs in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Greece. Georgia is not fully operating yet due to a short term shortage of surrogates. In offering these programs we are able to provide a surrogacy solution to all intending parent family structures. The programs are offered by Global Surrogacy Inc. which has offices in all the countries in which we have a surrogacy program. Our team members travel frequently and widely such that we are always meeting up with clients throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and Australasia.

In the first instance review the detailed information on our recently updated website Global Surrogacy. Our contact details are there and we are ready to discuss your available options for starting or building your family.

All of our programs are fully legal in the respective countries and result in the IPs’ names, and only the IPs’ names, appearing on the child’s birth certificate (only 1 father and/or 1 mother is permitted). A court order is required in all cases in Greece, prior to embryo transfer, and in Russia when the IPs are not a legally married heterosexual couple. All of our programs have fixed price options (save for contingencies such as twins) to cover the transfer of all embryos created from one egg donor cycle.

Important note: Please observe the publish date. This post may have been published some time ago and may not be up to date. We may not currently operate in the location discussed in this article. To view the list of surrogacy countries where we currently operate, please click here, and you will be directed to the surrogacy countries page.

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