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How are we matched with a surrogate?

How are we matched with a surrogate

We have explained in an earlier post why there are delays in some international surrogacy programs – War in Ukraine, US Supreme Court decision on abortion.

In this post, I want to explain how we match clients with a surrogate and why that process minimises the waiting period.

Because of the current market in international surrogacy, where many more intended parents are searching for a globally reduced number of surrogates, we know that we can always match our surrogates with intended parents. However, we don’t have the requisite number of available surrogates to offer all intended parents a backup surrogate.

Our Criteria to Accept a Surrogate

At Global Surrogacy, we are continuously recruiting women to be surrogates. We maintain our strict criteria to accept a surrogate which are:

  • Mother of at least one child but has completed her family;
  • Complication-free pregnancy and birth;
  • Employed and with a sustainable life – not struggling to survive;
  • Stable domestic living arrangements;
  • Supportive family members;
  • Non-smoker and only a social drinker prepared to forego all alcohol in our program;
  • Clearance on drug tests;
  • Free of infectious diseases and accepted by the clinic based on blood test results,
  • Accepted by the clinic based on an examination of her uterus and reproductive system;
  • Accepted by the clinic based on a psychological evaluation of her and her children;
  • Accepted by our lawyer based on an interview and explanation of the legal process.

We will only introduce a surrogate to intended parents after she has passed all these elements of our screening process. Women who offer to join our surrogacy program do so based on their personal plans and schedules. We respect their individual circumstances by only offering the surrogates to intended parents who are ready to proceed immediately, e.g., they have embryos in our clinic. Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the surrogate’s consent, will we reserve a surrogate for intended parents and hold her in abeyance for a future embryo transfer.

Because we follow this protocol, we can offer intended parents a surrogate within a few weeks of them being ready with their embryos. Many other agencies and clinics have long waiting periods for a surrogate.

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