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International Surrogacy – Cost Certainty


International surrogacy is often an option of last resort for intending parents who have a medical or biological reason for being unable to access IVF in their own country.  Sometimes it follows years of unsuccessful attempts at IVF, fertility treatments or even exploring adoption pathways.  No matter the path that has brought IPs to consider international surrogacy for most it is a significant financial investment that requires planning and budgeting.

By its nature IVF and embryo transfers to a surrogate still involve uncertainty and unpredictability of outcome even with continuing improvements in medical technology and expertise.  That uncertainty continues throughout the 9 months of pregnancy and into the post natal months for the surrogate mother.  This uncertainty of outcome leads to uncertainty of costs.  The uncertainty in the cost of surrogacy in Canada and United States is heightened due to the nature of surrogacy agreements and the intended parents’ continuing liability for the surrogate mother’s expenses up until at least 6 months after the birth of any child. Further recent uncertainties in respect of the availability of health insurance for

Global Surrogacy has selected competent and reputable clinics to work with throughout Europe and negotiated costs with those clinics, together with lawyers, surrogate case managers and egg donor agencies. As a result, we are able to offer FIXED FEE surrogacy programs that will give IPs price certainty and peace of mind.  We go through your particular circumstances, objectives and requirements on your first enquiry and then provide you with a tailored package that includes everything for your surrogacy journey.  Thereafter the only additional costs would be for contingencies if they occur.  The most common examples of contingencies are twins or caesarean deliveries in which case the surrogate will be entitled to additional compensation.

Contact us to get your FIXED PRICE tailored surrogacy package.  This applies to our European programs only.

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