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International Surrogacy Laws in Australia

The legal aspects of international surrogacy in Australia can be quite complex process- mainly because relevant legislation will vary according to the individual territory or state in which the IPs (intended parents) reside.



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Surrogacy Laws Internationally For Australians


Our International Surrogacy Arrangements

Here, the team at Global Surrogacy gives an overview of Australian law regarding the arrangement of an overseas surrogacy agreement when Australian citizens are involved.


  • Often, inconsistencies between the law of one state and another boil down to the legality of commercial surrogacy vs altruistic surrogacy.
  • The term “commercial surrogacy” refers to an arrangement whereby the surrogate mother is paid for her time and services. In “altruistic” surrogacy, the surrogate sees no remuneration, except perhaps for any medical bills accrued.

  • It is illegal for residents of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland to enter into any arrangement involving overseas commercial surrogacy. In doing so, IPs run the risk of prosecution and a potential prison sentence when they return.

  • As part of the international surrogacy laws Australia, involvement in commercial surrogacy is considered a criminal act in all parts of Australia with the exception of Northern Territory. Generally, altruistic surrogacy is accepted – but it is important to check with local authorities before entering into any contract of this kind.

    The motivation to criminalise commercial surrogacy stems chiefly from the intention to uphold the human rights of surrogate mothers and to prevent ethically unscrupulous parties from manipulating vulnerable individuals and making a profit from the system. 

  • We encourage you to reach out to our experts here at Global Surrogacy. We will ensure you receive transparent and supportive guidance, offering all the information you need about getting into surrogacy agreements in your territory.

Step-By-Step Surrogacy Process

A brief outline of the step-by-step process of surrogacy is as follows:

IPs complete a profile and bio and undertake blood tests and sperm analysis (as applicable)

IPs provide identity documents and a Police check.

IPs sign agreement with Global Surrogacy.

IPs obtain a medical letter setting out their medical indications for surrogacy.

IPs obtain ORIGINAL marriage, birth and change of name certificates.

IPs pay the first instalment in accordance with the Global Surrogacy invoice.

IPs are offered a surrogate mother.

Under our direction IPs will be assigned a Greek lawyer to prepare surrogacy agreement and court documents.

IPs travel to Greece to execute the surrogacy agreement, undergo testing and assessment by the clinic and commence the court application.

IPs will meet all relevant clinic staff and provide their instructions on embryo transfer to the clinic.

IPs provide gametes or embryos if applicable.

We Provide Surrogate Services Internationally


If you are planning to use an overseas surrogate to grow your family, it is vital that you check all legal implications – in both your home state and the territory in which the process is to take place – before you commit.

It’s important to ask the following questions:

What is the legal standpoint of each location when it comes to commercial surrogacy vs altruistic surrogacy?

Are you correctly adhering to the relevant legislation on the subject both here and there?
Is the organisation you are planning to use ethically sound?

Of course, the Global Surrogacy team will always be on hand to advise you regarding the process and to help you determine the best course of action.


You will probably need to look into passports, visas, citizenship documentation and a range of other paperwork before you are allowed to travel overseas to collect your child, or when bringing your child home.

Some countries that may include surrogacy in Ukraine require a “medical tourism” visa for IPs pursuing international surrogacy. When your child is brought back to Australia, they will need their own passport. If you don’t have an Australian passport for them, they will need a visa too.

You’ll also need to check with the relevant overseas authorities regarding whether or not your child will need an exit visa when leaving their country of birth.

Again, Global Surrogacy will assist and advise you regarding all legal paperwork and travel documents.


If you need to find out more about the legal processes, requirements and documentation relevant to your place of residence or the country in which your surrogacy process will be undertaken, please contact the specialists at Global Surrogacy today.

We will guide you and advise you transparently and supportively, making sure you have all of the information you require.


  • All consultancy fees
  • Donor and Surrogacy agency fees
  • IVF including ICSI and unlimited embryo transfers
  • Donor compensation (Payable after retrieval)
  • Donor stimulation medication
  • Surrogate mother medical exams
  • Surrogate mother medication for preparation and standard infections
  • Surrogacy contract and legal fees for Court application
  • Surrogate mother transportation and accommodation fees
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Support medication after embryo transfer for surrogate
  • Pregnancy test
  • Review of surrogate application/medical records
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • All medical and hospital expenses in the public hospital system
  • Regular medical visits and tests during pregnancy
  • Standard prenatal screenings
  • Surrogate transportation for embryo transfer
  • Surrogate transportation costs for pre-natal checks and routine medical checks
  • Fully screened surrogate
  • Psychologist visits for surrogate during pregnancy
  • Airport transfers for IPs on arrival for birth
  • Complications arising for the surrogate during delivery or pregnancy
  • Medical and hospital costs for delivery
  • Post birth care of surrogate by doctor and clinic
  • Surrogate transportation home
  • Issue of registered birth certificate
  • Notary and apostile fees for standard documents
  • Fees for citizenship and passport applications;

Our payment schedule sets out the instalments you will pay us over the duration of your journey. All fees are paid directly to Global Surrogacy. Our payment schedule’s features are as follows:

Identifies milestones and payments on a monthly basis.

Identifies the cost of additional services and contingencies.

Offers Packages for greater certainty of the total costs.

Is payable in US dollars.