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This small IVF clinic in Chania on the island of Crete punches well above its weight. MFI That is largely because of the determination of Dr Giakoumakis and the caring hands-on approach of all of his staff but especially Katerina. Dr Giakoumakis persists, where other clinics have given up and the intended parents are also close to giving up. The results speak for themselves. We have very happy clients who are bringing home twins or singleton babies after years of infertility, failed IVF attempts or failed surrogacy attempts. They have also been very happy with the communication and assistance of Katerina throughout the pregnancy. I have been very happy with the assistance the clinic has provided in getting together all of the documentation for the exit procedures and obtaining the birth certificate. There is no agency or separate law firm to deal with – MFI handles everything in cooperation with Global Surrogacy and IPT Law.
This is not a clinic where the costs continue to increase with repeated attempts at embryo transfers. There is a degree of certainty about the costs and Dr Giakoumakis has been very generous with his time.
We look forward to continuing to work with Dr Giakoumakis in making dreams come true for intended parents.