Is Surrogacy Legal in Thailand? Across the world, legalities and regulations differ when it comes to surrogacy. Part of the work that Global Surrogacy does is to ensure that we know exactly what is legally permitted in different countries – whether that is the Intended Parents’ country of origin or the surrogate’s location. Thailand is […]

Surrogacy Cost in Georgia If you have always longed for a baby, then Global Surrogacy is here to help you. We are with you throughout your surrogacy journey so that you can get the family you have always wanted. Whether you are just starting to look into the process of surrogacy or you want to […]

How To Find a Surrogate in Australia Surrogacy is an exciting and often nerve-wracking step to consider. However, there are misconceptions about the process that may put some IPs (intended parents) off taking this route. These misconceptions include the idea that the surrogacy process is complex, prohibitively expensive or risky. It can make things hard […]

Surrogate Parental Rights: Does a Surrogate Mother Have Rights to the Child? If you’re thinking about growing your family through surrogacy, you’re well within your rights to have a few concerns and queries. It’s only natural – you’ll be taking a huge, exciting step! The matter of rights constitutes one of the main sources of […]

2020 has been a terrible year for international surrogacy – for everyone.  Too early to say that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet but this post is about our Colombia program. I travelled to Bogotá and Bucaramanga in February and March this year.  Yes my timing was prescient. […]

We are proud that Global Surrogacy continues to achieve firsts and consistency in this industry. These achievements stand in contrast to the negative media reports and misleading social media commentary about what is “impossible”. In 2019 we had our first single intended mum complete a surrogacy journey and bring her child home in under 6 […]

In the past 7 years of dealing with international surrogacy clients I have recommended parenting orders for Australian IPs and explained how they are important when things go wrong.  Although all my clients have obtained affidavits from their surrogates many have decided not to subsequently proceed with the Application for parenting orders. Today I learned […]

I have spent the past 3 weeks in Europe visiting our clinics, lawyers and surrogates in Georgia and Ukraine and assisting some clients who recently had babies.  A positive outcome from the visits is that we can now offer in 2019 a hybrid Georgia/Russia program for single men/women or same sex couples which is €20,000 […]

I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey on my way to both Tbilisi, Georgia and Kyiv, Ukraine to visit our partner clinics and also assist clients who recently welcomed twins into their family. I just finished reading an online ABC report on Ukraine surrogacy which was the usual judgmental and somewhat negative take on international surrogacy. […]

US citizenship and therefore a US passport for children born through surrogacy may be thrown into doubt.  Apparently Trump is linking the issue to illegal immigration and considering an executive order to stop “birthright citizenship”. The USA is one of few countries that grant citizenship automatically to a child born on US soil.