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Below you will find all our posts, recent and archived, in respect of legal or practical developments in our surrogacy programs and in some instances highlights of problems experienced in other locations where surrogacy is NOT legal.

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Important note: We may not currently operate in the location discussed in these articles. To view the list of surrogacy countries where we currently operate, please click here, and you will be directed to the surrogacy countries page.

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Single father with surrogate child

What is Surrogacy?

We explore the differences between Traditional & Gestational; and Altruistic & Commercial Surrogacy “What does surrogate mean?”  Essentially a surrogate is the birth mother. Surrogacy

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baby holding hand

Asian Egg Donors

We have a significant number of Asian egg donors who are available to travel for egg collection in either surrogacy programs or your own IVF

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Global Surrogacy Cool Twin Babies Swimming Pool

Updated Website

With the full addition of Georgia to our surrogacy programs we have also updated and simplified our website. Please take a look and let us

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