This is a heads up – we are carefully exploring options for same-sex couples to undertake surrogacy in Russia. It is significantly cheaper than surrogacy in USA which is currently the only real option for same-sex couples considering international surrogacy. Stay tuned and watch our website for updates and full details of the program.

I have now spent some 4 months looking at this option in more detail and it seems to be a very worthwhile option. Check out details here California Hybrid program In brief you can save at least USD $40,000 compared to a whole California program because the program has special package pricing for medical / […]

The number of clients doing surrogacy in Greece is small but Dr G’s magical hands are achieving phenomenal success. To date, ALL of our clients, undertaking the Greek surrogacy program have achieved viable pregnancies – the most recent will have a baby by November. Others are back in Australia already and one set of twins. […]

Canada Surrogacy Update

August 18th, 2017

5 babies in the last 3 months to Intended Parents doing surrogacy in Canada. We have had babies born in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Our intended parents have been married straight couples, gay couples, couples where a biological parent was not an Australian citizen and parents with no biological link to the child. We […]

Surrogacy Baby Boom

August 18th, 2017

The last 4 months have been busy. Welcome to the world and welcome home to Australia – 9 newborn citizens to 8 intended parent couples, born in 4 countries – Mexico, USA, Canada, Greece. While all parents arrived home with their child without incident or delay it gave us an opportunity to compare the service […]

I need to clarify why I am in Mexico. My last client undergoing surrogacy in Mexico departed with his twins in June 2016. Recently I was approached by a same sex couple who had undertaken their surrogacy journey in Mexico on their own. They had used an agency in Mexico infamous for its shortcuts and […]

8 babies in 6 weeks

May 7th, 2017

We have been busy examining new options for International Surrogacy over the past 8 months but even busier in the past 2 months preparing for impending arrivals. There are 8 babies due to enter the world in 4 different countries over the next 6 weeks. Further, last week there were twins born in Greece and […]

In the past week there have been media reports of an Australian couple having difficulty obtaining an Australian passport for their child born through surrogacy in Canada some time ago. Based on the media reporting the problem has arisen because the intended parents did not apply for an Australian passport for their child soon after […]

  Today I received an email from Virginie Sinapin of Babygest an organization apparently based in Spain that produces publications with respect to Surrogacy.   Prior to today she had sent me numerous requests to advertise in her magazine. The first time I declined and subsequently ignored her emails.   Today she claims to have […]

The Report of this Inquiry has been released today and on first glance it is very disappointing. I have only read the recommendations and part of the detailed report but I don’t have confidence in the professionalism or thoroughness of the Committee if they cannot even correctly identify Australian legislation.  Recommendation 9 appears to have […]