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Mexico – One less destination for International Surrogacy


Unfortunately bad news today for those IPs who do NOT YET have a Notarised Surrogacy Agreement. Yes Surrogacy for International IPs has come to an end in Mexico. Over the past weeks I have been quietly informing prospective IPs that I recommend against Mexico as a destination due to the manner in which the program is undertaken by clinics and agencies and the widespread absence of the rule of law. It was already a stressful and inconsistent experience for IPs and now it will be even more so for those IPs who have recently commenced the process.

The common practice in Mexico has been for surrogacy agreements not to be notarised until AFTER there is a confirmed pregnancy. Now there will be uncertainty for people in that position. Stay tuned. If you haven’t started consider Canada or Greece. Of course there is the USA but it is significantly more expensive.

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