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What distinguishes us from most other agencies is that we have a diverse team of ethical and  professional staff on the ground in our surrogacy locations.  Members of our team accompany surrogate mothers to all appointments and go to the clinics to address any concerns or difficulties immediately and face to face. Our team members across Colombia, Mexico and Argentina bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. This physical presence allows us to offer comprehensive services, ensuring that intended parents and surrogates receive the utmost care and support throughout their journey. Together, we work collaboratively to bring your dreams of parenthood to life, providing personalised guidance and assistance every step of the way.

one of our professional at GlobalSurrogacy.Baby

Carlos - Finance Manager

meet our partners at GlobalSurrogacy.Baby

Sandra - Clinic Doctor

meet our experts at GlobalSurrogacy.Baby

Natalia - IP Coordinator Colombia

teammate at GlobalSurrogacy.Baby

Sandra - In-house Nurse

inSer Institute De Fertilidad Humana in Colombia

Katherine - Embryologist Colombia

GS Team Member

Surrogate Recruitment

the team at GlobalSurrogacy.Baby

The Latin America Team

the Global Surrogacy.Baby Team

Maria Fernanda - Legal Manager

Brian - Argentina Team Member

Brian - Argentina

Ely - Argentina Team Member

Ely - Argentina Surrogate Recruitment

Jeremy - Mexico Team Member

Jeremy - Mexico