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Parliamentary Inquiry into Surrogacy Report

Australian Parliament Surrogacy Report
The Report of this Inquiry has been released today and on first glance it is very disappointing. I have only read the recommendations and part of the detailed report but I don’t have confidence in the professionalism or thoroughness of the Committee if they cannot even correctly identify Australian legislation.  Recommendation 9 appears to have been written by a High School student referring to Australian residents “seeking a passport for a young child to return to Australia”.

It then goes on to refer to the Migration Act.  A first year law student would understand that the 2 processes involved are firstly citizenship then a passport and that the relevant legislation is the Citizenship Act and the Passports Act, respectively.

How can anyone have confidence in a Report that contains such fundamental errors and lack of understanding of the legal process.  The Report cites Submission 45 from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection but cannot even transcribe the correct facts from that submission.

I will read the complete Report thoroughly and make further comments when I have done so but at this stage Mr Turnbull, if you are still Prime Minister after 2 July reject this Report as sloppy and careless with a clear agenda from its Del Con Chairman.

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