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Global Surrogacy works with Dr Ioannis Giakoumakis and his expert team at Mediterranean Fertility Institute in Chania, Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and Chania is a beautiful and historic city about 30 mins flying time from Athens.

Global Surrogacy works with Dr Ioannis Giakoumakis and his expert team at Mediterranean Fertility Institute in Chania, Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and Chania is a beautiful and historic city about 30 mins flying time from Athens. There are at least 6 flights a day between Athens and Chania and the fares can be as low as €45.

Mediterranean Fertility Institute (“MFI“) has been providing surrogacy services to IPs from EU countries for the past 9 years and egg donation and IVF services for even longer. Since July 2014 MFI has opened its doors to non-EU clients for surrogacy services.

MFI has the most experience in surrogacy matters throughout Greece and Dr Giakoumakis is frequently speaking at international conferences on the medical aspects of surrogacy, egg donation and IVF.

Global Surrogacy provides the complete package of services for a surrogacy arrangement in Greece using the IVF and medical services of MFI –

Egg or sperm donation, embryo shipment, surrogate selection, surrogacy agreement, court authorisation of surrogacy, embryo transfer, pregnancy management, delivery of your child, registered birth certificate, citizenship application, DNA testing, passport application, assistance with documents required for legal purposes by IP’s country.

Surrogacy Partner Clinic in Greece Mediterranean Fertility Clinic


Babies Delivered 

MFI has delivered babies for 75 sets of EU citizen IPs over the past 9 years.


9+ Years Experience

MFI has been providing surrogacy services to IPs from EU countries for the past 9 years- Egg donation & IVF services for even longer.


Success Rate

MFI has achieved a pregnancy success rate of 75% with egg donors and gestational surrogates


Years Experience

Global Surrogacy has over 6 years of experience in international surrogacy programs in Europe, North America and Asia.


Egg and sperm donation in Greece is required by law to be anonymous. IPs can specify particular traits they would like in their child eg: race or hair colour but they cannot choose a donor from profiles.

We source surrogate mothers directly from residents of Chania, Crete.  Given the open borders within the EU the surrogate mothers are often citizens of Eastern European or Balkan countries but they can come from any EU country.

The surrogates enter the program and are “quarantined” within the program for 6 months while they undergo medical and psychological screening and background checks.

This includes the Minnesota test which comprises 300 questions and takes 4 hours to complete. All surrogates recruited must have had at least one child born without complications and have completed their family.

During the pregnancy the surrogate has a nurse allocated to her who assists her with transport and shopping and monitors her health, well-being and lifestyle throughout the pregnancy.

The surrogate mother has medical tests at the clinic every 10 days and blood tests and a conversation with our case manager every week.

Throughout the pregnancy the IPs are sent videos of the ultrasound reports and are welcome to arrange video Skype calls with the surrogate during her clinic visits.

In Greece we have a different approach to the surrogacy process than most other programs driven by the need to obtain a Court order for a surrogacy agreement. As we have to obtain the Court order for a particular surrogate / IP combination before an embryo transfer can occur it is more difficult to change the surrogate after unsuccessful attempts. Our clinic does fresh embryo transfers unless the IPs have shipped frozen embryos from another clinic in which case they will do frozen embryo transfers (“FET“).

If IPs have used an egg donor then any embryos not used in the first transfer will be frozen and stored for the IPs. In the event that the first transfer is unsuccessful Dr Giakoumakis’ practice is to change the egg donor for the next cycle. This means a new egg harvesting, creating new embryos and another fresh transfer.

Generally we will do 3 cycles, each time with a different egg donor, then if the third transfer is unsuccessful we will change the surrogate. Our philosophy is that if it didn’t work then you need to change something before you try again. Our fixed program cost includes these additional transfers.

The doctor will transfer 1 or 2 embryos to the surrogate based on the doctor’s advice and the decision of the IPs with the surrogate’s consent. The babies are delivered at a private clinic in Chania, generally by caesarean, and the surrogate mother has no contact with the baby unless it is initiated by the IPs.

If the baby is born at 34 weeks or later then the private clinic in Chania is suitable. If the baby is premature <34 weeks then it will be transferred to the University Clinic in Heraklion for neo-natal intensive care.

After the birth of the child the surrogate mother remains in the program under the care of the clinic for a further 4 months to monitor her physical and mental well-being.

Dr Loannis Giakoumakis | Global Surrogacy


Clinic Director

In IVFGreece, our mission is to provide the finest care in reproductive medicine. My team and I, Ioannis Giakoumakis, have acquired special expertise in treating problems of Reproductive Endocrinology, menopause, and infertility.

We are sensitive and considerate to the emotions that often accompany reproductive problems, and treat each patient with compassion and with every consideration for the family’s privacy.

Why Global Surrogacy has a Greece program

We offer a program in Greece for 3 simple reasons:


The proven success rates using surrogates and egg donors for European and International Intended Parents through a centralised single location in Chania, Crete.


Experienced IVF doctors in surrogacy and egg donor programs and a successful protocol of changing egg donors after each unsuccessful embryo transfer.


The legal framework is clear and long established such that birth certificates are issued quickly with only the IPs names as parents.


In Greece there is no central, government controlled register of fertility clinic success rates so we rely upon EU consumer laws for the accuracy of the claims.
Legal Certainty
The legal certainty of the Greek law which is accountable under the European Union law​
Success Rates
Good pregnancy success rates​
Changing Protocols
Protocol of changing egg donors if unsuccessful FET​
Surrogate Availability
The ready availability of surrogate mothers in Greece​
Embryo Transfers
Single and double embryo transfers​
Clinical Experience
Clinical experience and a growing number of surrogacy cycles​
Extensive Experience
Their extensive experience in IVF, donor and surrogacy programs​
All-inclusive package pricing​
Beautiful Destination
A beautiful destination within Europe for waiting with your newborn baby​