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Our Russia Surrogacy Program is Suspended Until Putin is Gone

GS Stand With Ukraine

We have had a program in Russia since late 2017.  The colleagues we worked with in clinics and law firms were largely open and rational.  We first encountered problems in June 2020 when the unethical conduct of a few surrogacy agencies came to the attention of authorities.  Russian authorities responded with a hammer.  Doctors and administrators were arrested.  The immediate result was that the clinics and lawyers refused to continue providing services to single parents but then it expanded to a situation where services were refused to all foreign intended parents unless they attended the clinic and legal office in person in Russia.  Some clinics adopted these changes overnight and others gradually over months but ultimately, it has become so unreliable and subject to bureaucratic interference that we cannot continue our programs in Russia. 

The cruel and criminal RUSSIAN INVASION of Ukraine has made it clear that there will be no quick resolution of the problems within the Russian surrogacy industry, and our conscience could not let us continue to cooperate in any way with Russians while their government continues with its illegal, unprovoked and unnecessary war on Ukraine.  SLAVA UKRAINI.

We have received distraught messages from our colleagues in Ukraine showing images of them hiding with their children in their basements or garages.  This is completely outrageous and unacceptable criminal bullying behaviour on a global level and shocking that it can occur in the 21st century.  As soon as our colleagues in Ukraine can get back on their feet, we will support them with business as best we can. 

We pray for you and hope that you can stay safe.