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Single and Same Sex Surrogacy Options – Colombia & Mexico -2022

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There are many websites, blogs and comments on the web that suggest that somehow same sex parents or single men can undertake an international surrogacy program in a range of European countries. This is simply not true if you want to follow the law and regulations in your surrogacy program.

While there may be some European countries that are moving down the path of recognising same-sex parenting rights that tends to be for their own citizens and there are no legal international surrogacy programs (where the intended parents engage a surrogate in another country) within Europe.

We did manage to undertake international surrogacy programs for single men and single women in Russia PRIOR to June 2020 but that was all suspended when Public Prosecutors and Police became involved and started arresting doctors and seizing patient records from IVF clinics. There are some agencies and individuals still suggesting that single men or same-sex couples can undertake a surrogacy program in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia or Cyprus but that is attempted by fabricating relationships with “girlfriends” and making other false declarations on official documents. The reputable and professional IVF clinics that have been operating for many years will not get involved in any of those dodgy practices so the intended parents that take the risk of proceeding under false pretences will also be limited to working with second rate clinics.

We offer good ethical surrogacy programs in Mexico and Colombia for single men, single women or same-sex couples. All of our programs incorporate a court application to direct that the intended parent(s) name(s) be registered on the child’s birth certificate.

Please contact us for further details and a fixed price quotation to meet your specific requirements.

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