Surrogacy in Ukraine

Update: Program Suspended

We have all be shocked and saddened by the horrors being perpetrated by Russians in Ukraine. Our colleagues have been hiding with their children in their garages and underground shelters. Not even maternity hospitals are safe zones. The clinic staff have selflessly taken embryos and genetic material to safe locations outside of Ukraine. We will return with clients to support our colleagues once they are able to make themselves safe and restart their practice. In our hearts, minds and prayers.



Surrogate Availability


About Surrogacy in Ukraine

Our surrogacy program in Ukraine is directly and closely supervised with the assistance of our local team members on the ground in Kyiv. The program is open to straight married couples only. The surrogate is permitted to be compensated provided there is a properly executed Gestational Carrier Agreement. The contract needs to be signed before a local notary public. IPs also need to execute a power of attorney giving authority to our Ukrainian lawyers to enter into arrangements with the clinic and surrogate in Ukraine.

We provide a total solution – recruitment, screening and management of surrogates, all medical services, including prenatal check-ups, births and paediatric services, in-country legal services, administration and coordination of travel and accommodation, registered birth certificate and applications for citizenship and passport for the Child based on IPs nationality. The all-inclusive package will make your journey less stressful. Our program offers an affordable price at a fixed cost. The program includes all medical costs, all necessary embryo transfers from one egg donor cycle, a new surrogate if necessary and all the Child’s medical treatment at no extra cost. The only additional cost, if necessary, will be for medication for your surrogate or child during any hospitalisation. The costs of medication are relatively low – tens of Euros, not hundreds.

Our clinic will transfer up to two embryos at a time subject to medical advice in your particular case and considering the medical and physical condition of the surrogate mother, and of course, her consent. In exceptional circumstances 2 embryos may be transferred if you, the doctor and the surrogate agree. Once you have joined the program and completed all documentation, the first embryo transfer could happen within a month.

All women applying to be a gestational carrier are rigorously screened to assess their psychological, uterine and basic overall health. The surrogates need to have at least one child and the age range varies from 19-35. Only gestational surrogacy (where the surrogate mother does not use her eggs) is permitted. If the IPs are not able to create embryos with their own genetic material, third-party donors are available through our program. In Ukraine there must be some biological link between the IPs and the Child.

IPs will complete a profile and biography and a FaceTime or Skype video conference will be held with our team members and the clinic doctors before they are matched with a surrogate. IPs will be asked questions regarding their needs and requirements and we will explain the different financial, legal and administrative aspects of the surrogacy process. Some of the documentation which must be produced and signed needs to be notarised and/or apostilled. We will assist and guide you through that process to ensure the documentation is right the first time.

Once you have approved your proposed surrogate she will be scheduled for medical appointments and a stimulation protocol will commence. The embryo transfer can occur very quickly after your surrogate has been confirmed. Twelve days after the transfer, a blood test will be carried out to determine whether or not the surrogate is pregnant. In case of a negative test result, we will continue to transfer embryos, one at the time, into a new surrogate until it leads to a positive test result.

When pregnancy is achieved, the medical team will monitor the progress of the surrogate and keep you updated every step of the way. There is no need for you to fly over to Ukraine to check up on the progress of the pregnancy, but of course you are welcome to do so at anytime on reasonable notice. We take care of everything for you. We will update you regularly, all test results and scans will be sent to you and we will organize video conferences with the surrogate with a translator. If you want to fly over to visit our team or your surrogate you will be welcomed by the local team / case manager. We will assist you and make your stay as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

The surrogates are not permitted to work during the pregnancy and will be compensated during their time off. They will spend their time at home surrounded by their family. The medical team and nurses will have contact with each surrogate at least once a week. All surrogates live close to the hospital. If closer monitoring is required, we will offer them an apartment close to the medical facilities.

As your journey approaches its conclusion the doctor will give you an updated Estimated Date of Delivery (“EDD“) and we will coordinate your Ukrainian visa, if necessary, and your arrival in Kyiv. It is important to know that deliveries cannot be calculated with 100% certainty. If the doctor has scheduled a caesarean delivery then you will know exactly when the baby will be delivered. We will have a driver collect you from the airport and take you to your accommodation and thereafter drive you between the accommodation and hospital as required.

After the birth of your child, we will assist you with finding a fully furnished apartment for one month. This will allow you to adapt to your new status as a parent. As long as you remain in Ukraine, we will ensure you are being taken care of. Our package includes 4 paediatrician visits with your new born baby to monitor its progress and make sure everything is progressing well.

If you are requiring an egg donor, the total services necessary to create your embryos are provided by our team.

The egg donors go through an extensive medical screening. They will be tested for STDs, genetic conditions, immunohematology and haematology. They will also be questioned about family medical history, education, specific talents and interests. Most donors have previously given birth to a healthy child and are aged between 18 and 32. The information that will be available to you is the following: eye and hair colour, height, weight, age, blood type and Rh factor. The donor may disclose additional information such as work experience, interests and talents and educational background. Based on their profile, you will be able to make an informed decision and find the most suitable donor. You start the process by completing our “Donor Characteristics Form” so that we can offer you suitable egg donor profiles to consider.

Throughout your journey, all communication is with us and our nominated team members in Kyiv. We will be the project managers for your journey.

All instalments in the program will be the subject of an invoice from Global Surrogacy Inc and you will be given some options as to the currency in which you pay those invoices. We will only accept bank transfers but may accept credit cards with the application of a surcharge.

At around month 7 of the pregnancy we will start talking to you about your travel plans and prepare your citizenship and passport applications.

Immediately after the birth of your child we will assist you in obtaining your birth certificate and will help you to prepare your citizenship application, application for DNA testing and forward the completed passport application to you for your lodgement. You will be given detailed and complete instructions on how to prepare all documentation and the steps you must take.

Passport applications will in most cases need to be lodged in person by the IPs at their closest embassy.

Why choose Ukraine?

The Benefits of Surrogacy in Ukraine

The Process

Step-By Step

The practical step-by-step process of surrogacy in Ukraine is as follows:

Partner Clinics

Our Recommended Partners in Ukraine

The Institute for Reproductive Medicine (“IRM“) is Kyiv, Ukraine based fertility centre that provides IVF and medical services to our Ukraine surrogacy program. Dr. Sirenko, Dr. Faschuk and Dr. Kozachok are the primary physicians and reproductive specialists at the clinic. The technology, equipment and infrastructure is of exceptional quality and all medical procedures follow the highest western standards.

institute for Reproductive Medicine

IVMed Fertility Center

Fixed Fee Programs

The Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Our Global Surrogacy Ukraine surrogacy program is, for practical purposes, a FIXED FEE program. We will discuss your particular circumstances with you and then provide you with a total package price set out as a payment schedule. We will include any options you have selected, and apart from contingencies (e.g., twins, caesarean delivery), there will be no additional costs. All of our packages include the transfer of all embryos created from your egg donor or own cycle as is necessary to achieve a healthy birth. The only additional costs you will incur will be for additional egg donor cycles or additional surrogate monthly living fees. The total price includes all fees payable to the surrogate, egg donors, lawyers, agencies and the Clinic.

For an egg donor program, the total package is available at an affordable rate. Our Agreement also includes a comprehensive price list for optional (e.g., PGD, Private Hospital Birth) and contingency services (e.g., twins, caesarean delivery). These packages include unlimited embryo transfers using all the embryos you have or can provide, and there are no additional fees for medication in respect of the IVF. There may be small additional fees for medication if the surrogate or child is hospitalised for an extended time beyond the average 2 – 3 days for childbirth.

What’s included with our Ukraine Surrogacy cost?

We are here to help you through the whole process so that you can get the outcome that you have always wanted but with less stress involved.

Global Surrogacy wants to make the process as straightforward as possible for our intended parents (IPs), and our Ukraine surrogacy is offered at an affordable cost at a fixed price.

As your Ukraine surrogacy comes at a fixed price, you can budget for your surrogacy costs and be sure of its affordability. The only extras that may be needed are if there is any medication needed for your surrogate or child during any hospitalisation. Even then, these costs are cheaper in Ukraine compared to places like surrogacy in Greece and surrogacy in Russia – they are not usually hundreds of Euros but tens of Euros.

Your package will cover everything that is needed to help you get the baby you have longed for. We take care of the recruitment of surrogates, and they are screened and managed by our local team members on the ground in Kyiv.

Throughout the pregnancy, your package will include all medical services needed, which involves pre-natal check-ups, the birth and paediatric services. It also takes care of in-country legal services, as well as the administration and coordination of travel and accommodation. We help you to find a fully furnished apartment for one month when your child is born.

You will be issued with a birth certificate for your child, and the intended parents will be registered on this document. We also help you to get citizenship and a passport for your child.

In Ukraine, there needs to be a biological link between the intended parents and the child, and only gestational surrogacy is allowed.

Get the best Ukraine Surrogacy price with our agency

If you are looking for a way to have a baby, then Ukraine surrogacy could be the right option for you, and Global Surrogacy is the agency to make it possible.

Throughout the process with our Ukrainian surrogacy agency, we understand that you want to be involved and have clear, open lines of communication. You will have regular updates, as well as being sent ultrasound scans and test results. You will also be able to video conference with your surrogate in the presence of a translator. You can also visit the team and/or your surrogate if you wish to. If you would like to do this, we will happily help you.

You will be given an estimated date of delivery, and we will help to arrange your travel to Ukraine for the arrival of your baby. Please bear in mind that this date is not a certainty.

Should you have any further questions, or you wish to begin your surrogacy journey, contact Global Surrogacy today.

The Total Price Includes:


An Overview Of Surrogacy Laws In Ukraine

The laws in respect of surrogacy in Ukraine are very supportive of surrogacy arrangements. The Ukrainian Family Code (amended in December 2006, No 524-V) regulates the legal aspects of surrogacy. Article 123 of the code determines that “when an embryo is conceived by the spouses and implanted to another woman, the spouses shall be considered as the parents of the child.” The surrogate mother has no right to contest the maternal affiliation of the intended mother as is set out in article 139, par.2 of the Ukrainian Family Code. 

Orders 24 and 771 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine also play an important role in the regulation of surrogacy in Ukraine. These orders stipulate the requirements that need to be fulfilled during the process of artificial insemination and embryo transfer. They also require the existence of a written informed consent between the surrogate and the IPs. This agreement needs to be signed before a local notary before the embryo transfer.

Ukrainian law only allows surrogacy for married straight couples. This means that the Ukrainian notary will ask for an apostilled marriage certificate in order to finalize the surrogacy agreement.

The Ukrainian Instruction on Procedures for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, adopted by the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 771 of 12/23/2008 sets out an important set of rules for the establishment of parental right. In case of egg/sperm donation, paragraph 5.1 of the instruction determines that the anonymity of the donor needs to be upheld. The donor, being anonymous, will not acquire any parental rights. In case of surrogacy, paragraph 7.11 declares that the birth certificate of the child should mention at least one genetic link to the infant, either from the intended mother or the intended father. Consequently, the egg/sperm donor and the surrogate will be denied any parental rights with regard to the child. When applying for a birth certificate, the IPs will have to deliver a medical certificate that demonstrates the genetic link between the child and at least one of them.

According to par.11 of the Rules of Civil Registration, approved by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of 18 October 2000 no 52/5, the surrogate needs to deliver a notarised written consent for the intended parents to be registered on the birth certificate.