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UPDATE: Surrogacy on Facebook — Beware of the misinformation

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Today I received an email from Virginie Sinapin of Babygest an organization apparently based in Spain that produces publications with respect to Surrogacy.

Prior to today she had sent me numerous requests to advertise in her magazine. The first time I declined and subsequently ignored her emails.

Today she claims to have banned Global Surrogacy from her activities and publications because of its involvement in surrogacy programs in the Ukraine and Czech Republic.

I don’t know whether that is her standard way of dealing with organisations that decline her invitation to advertise or whether she is simply confused but Global Surrogacy has never had any involvement in those countries.

In fact our past posts have highlighted the dangers of undertaking surrogacy in those countries and our website clearly identifies the only countries in which we work with clients undertaking international surrogacy as being Greece, USA and Canada.

Don’t believe every self-serving statement made on Facebook or social media.


We have since received a response from Virginie Sinapin of Departamento Internacional regarding this post, see below —

Dear Mr. Norris-Ongso,
Thank you for your comment.
I’m really sorry about this misunderstanding as indeed, we were not talking about your agency but the one in Dubaï that proposes programmes in different countries with which we collaborated. 
I’m going to see if we can modify as soon as possible the communique with the entire name Global Surrogacy Limited to be sure to not make any mistake.
I let you know as soon as possible. 
Best regards,
Virginie Sinapin

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