Surrogacy in Crete – 100% Success

Surrogacy in Crete Greece

It is a big claim but true – all of our clients who have undertaken our Greek surrogacy program have returned home with a child (or two). Some of those client have had the most difficult and unlucky IVF histories.

Dr Giamoukakis not only has magical hands but he is determined to give IPs the family they seek. A reminder that our Greece program entails a court approved surrogacy BEFORE the embryo transfer can happen and once the order is made the IPs are the legal parents of any subsequent child from conception. Our Greek program is open to married and de-facto heterosexual couples, lesbian couples and single women. The surrogacy law in Greece is expected to be amended to allow gay couples to access the program but this has been a long drawn out process and unfortunately gay couples or single men cannot yet access the Greek program.

From a practical point of view, Chania on Crete is a beautiful and tranquil location to wait for your child’s citizenship and passport to be granted. It’s only a 45min flight to Athens and although it has recently snowed in winter the weather is generally very warm in summer and mild in winter. Finally, none of our clients have ever been charged additional fees beyond the original contract price. Legal and financial certainty is highly valued in a surrogacy program.

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