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Surrogacy in Ukraine – the facts

Surrogacy in Ukraine

I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey on my way to both Tbilisi, Georgia and Kyiv, Ukraine to visit our partner clinics and also assist clients who recently welcomed twins into their family.

I just finished reading an online ABC report on Ukraine surrogacy which was the usual judgmental and somewhat negative take on international surrogacy. One thing jumped out at me – the Australian parents with twins said they were expecting to be in Kyiv for 6 months and were having trouble getting home.  IF YOU ARE PREPARED AND YOU FOLLOW ALL OF THE PROCEDURES THERE IS NO PROBLEM IN RETURNING HOME.  Our last client to depart for Australia left after 3 WEEKS!!.

We offer complete surrogacy programs in a range of European countries and in USA.  We know the requirements to obtain citizenship and passports for your children for clients from Australia, China, UK, USA, Spain, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany and Portugal.  DO NOT enter an agreement blindly with an agency based in Kyiv on a promise that they will help you get out of the country.  Their responsibility stops when you receive the birth certificate.  Many of them pretend to know what is required for IPs of different nationalities but in reality, all they do is send you to your embassy.  They are not qualified and cannot know because they don’t guide you through those post-birth certificate steps.

Our programs are ALL-INCLUSIVE.  We get you home.

I am confident that our clients who are in Kyiv right now with twins will be home within 4 weeks of receiving their children’s birth certificates.

Do your research BEFORE you sign agreements.

It is important to note that there is a fine line distinguishing international surrogacy from child-trafficking and the Australian and other Western governments are very careful to ensure that their citizens are complying with local laws. There is no discretion.  You must meet all of the requirements laid out by your government for citizenship and passports.  The process is clear and can be achieved quickly.  In my experience, the Australian government bends over backward to assist its citizens with international surrogacy processes.

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