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Surrogacy is a wonderful way to grow your family, whatever your background.

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While Australian IPs (intended parents) may select a family member or friend who has agreed to act as a surrogate for them, it is also common for medical specialists to choose a suitable candidate.

Australian surrogates are usually between 25 and 40 years old and must have given birth to a live child previously. They must undergo rigorous medical tests and psychological checks to make sure they are a good match for the program.

The surrogate’s own eggs are not used in the process, and it must be confirmed that she lives a stable and settled life and that she already considers her own family “complete”.

It’s important to note that Australian surrogacy contracts are not enforceable in Australia, which means that either party could theoretically back out of the arrangement – with the exception of any costs that the IPs have agreed to pay.

After the embryo transfer has been completed, a surrogate mother will undergo blood tests, ultrasound scans, physical examinations and psychological check-ups every few weeks.

Once the child is born, the surrogate is not permitted to have contact with them unless at a meeting approved and attended by the IPs.

The child’s birth certificate will initially bear the name of the surrogate and partner (if relevant) as parents. The IPs can then apply for a court Parentage Order, which will see a new birth certificate issued with the IPs as parents.


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Are Australian Surrogate Mothers Compensated?

Every country and territory have different rules and approaches regarding the practice as a whole – and, in particular, the role of the surrogate mother.

Here, we explore the role of the surrogate mother in Australia.

The laws regarding surrogacy differ between Australian territories or states. The exact details are left down to each local authority.

“Commercial surrogacy” – the practice of compensating a surrogate mother for anything but actual costs accrued (such as medical bills, etc.) – is not permitted anywhere in the country.

In many parts of Australia, including the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland, it is illegal for residents to involve themselves in commercial surrogacy overseas too.

“Altruistic surrogacy”, where the surrogate volunteers her time and can only be remunerated for approved expenses, is generally accepted across the board. However, it’s vital that you double-check your local legislation before you go ahead with surrogacy of any kind.