I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey on my way to both Tbilisi, Georgia and Kyiv, Ukraine to visit our partner clinics and also assist clients who recently welcomed twins into their family. I just finished reading an online ABC report on Ukraine surrogacy which was the usual judgmental and somewhat negative take on international surrogacy. […]

Russia has been in the news a lot lately – not always for good reason. Its economy has been the subject of harsh criticism and many of its policies – both domestic and foreign – have been censured by the Western media, often with due cause. It’s not surprising then that Russia is one of […]

The Report of this Inquiry has been released today and on first glance it is very disappointing. I have only read the recommendations and part of the detailed report but I don’t have confidence in the professionalism or thoroughness of the Committee if they cannot even correctly identify Australian legislation.  Recommendation 9 appears to have […]

5th IP Mexico Journey

June 23rd, 2015

Our 5th group of IPs (all Australians this time) will be in Mexico 2nd week of August. Contact Josh to join.