Canada Surrogacy Update

August 18th, 2017

5 babies in the last 3 months to Intended Parents doing surrogacy in Canada. We have had babies born in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Our intended parents have been married straight couples, gay couples, couples where a biological parent was not an Australian citizen and parents with no biological link to the child. We […]

Our clients are progressing with their surrogacy journeys in Canada with more than 15 now matched with surrogates and one set of IPs approaching the 12 weeks pregnant mark. The availability of surrogates has slowed down a little since February but you need to remember that it is a matching process – both parties need […]

With the exceptional success rate being achieved by The Fertility Center (“TFC”) some clients have now chosen a hybrid Nevada/Canada surrogacy program where a Canadian surrogate mother flies to Las Vegas for the Embryo Transfer and then returns to Canada. This program is a little more expensive than the pure Canadian program.

Embryos in Mexico?

December 18th, 2015

We are in the process of finalising two options for Australians with embryos in Mexico that can no longer be used for the purposes of surrogacy in Mexico.  With the generous assistance of all the Canadian service providers we are working with and the cooperation of the relevant Mexican clinic we can facilitate the transfer […]

Our first client to complete the journey in Mexico was granted Australian citizenship today for her twin boys.  This is only the 3rd Australian IP to obtain citizenship based on a surrogacy arrangement in Mexico.  The DIBP staff in the Australian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada have been most helpful. This case took 42 calendar days […]

Over the past 6 months we have been gathering information on surrogacy in Canada and have been pleasantly surprised at the real options available for international IPs.  It seems that the perception among Australian, and other international, prospective IPs that Canadian surrogacy was a more difficult and lengthy process was driven by one perspective of the […]