I am currently in Istanbul, Turkey on my way to both Tbilisi, Georgia and Kyiv, Ukraine to visit our partner clinics and also assist clients who recently welcomed twins into their family. I just finished reading an online ABC report on Ukraine surrogacy which was the usual judgmental and somewhat negative take on international surrogacy. […]

447 days after he was born through surrogacy in China, a child was finally granted Australian citizenship. An Australian man approached me late last year seeking assistance because his son born through surrogacy in China had been waiting for 10 months for Australian citizenship. This Intended Parent had been enticed by the offer of low […]

I declined to assist IPs going to Nepal and warned people against even considering places like Cambodia and China. As much as there are many IPs yearning for a child pursuing the cheapest option in “pop-up” destinations will only result in a nightmare for the IPs and almost certain exploitation of the surrogate mothers. The […]