International surrogacy is often an option of last resort for intending parents who have a medical or biological reason for being unable to access IVF in their own country.  Sometimes it follows years of unsuccessful attempts at IVF, fertility treatments or even exploring adoption pathways.  No matter the path that has brought IPs to consider […]

It is a big claim but true – all of our clients who have undertaken our Greek surrogacy program have returned home with a child (or two). Some of those client have had the most difficult and unlucky IVF histories. Dr Giamoukakis not only has magical hands but he is determined to give IPs the […]

This small IVF clinic in Chania on the island of Crete punches well above its weight. MFI That is largely because of the determination of Dr Giakoumakis and the caring hands-on approach of all of his staff but especially Katerina. Dr Giakoumakis persists, where other clinics have given up and the intended parents are also […]

The number of clients doing surrogacy in Greece is small but Dr G’s magical hands are achieving phenomenal success. To date, ALL of our clients, undertaking the Greek surrogacy program have achieved viable pregnancies – the most recent will have a baby by November. Others are back in Australia already and one set of twins. […]

Our first Intending Parents (IPs) to start their surrogacy journey in Greece have been granted a Court order authorising the surrogacy arrangement.  The legal effect of this decision is that from here on the IPs are the only legal parents of any child(ren) that might be conceived and transferred to that surrogate. The next step in coming […]

First IPs to Crete

June 23rd, 2015

Our first IPs will be commencing their journey in Greece in the first week of August. Contact Joshua if you are interested in joining this group.

Greece Report

May 30th, 2015

We are travelling to Greece tomorrow to meet with about 6 different clinics to discuss their surrogacy programs.  Upon returning to Australia in the second week of June we will produce a report comparing the characteristics of the different clinic programs and hopefully recommending a particular clinic for Australian IP’s (Intending Parents). Photography by Edward […]