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Technologically Sound & Legally Certain: Surrogacy in Ukraine.

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Our Surrogacy Program in Ukraine

We’re proud to say that our surrogacy program in Ukraine is one of the most cost effective and legally secure surrogacy programs in the world.

Ukraine has a long history of helping would-be parents start their own families. Once a popular destination for international adoption, the country now boasts world class in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment procedures designed to accommodate intended parents engaged in surrogacy agreements.

Ukrainian legislation

Ukrainian legislation was explicitly amended in 2002 to allow heterosexual, married couples to partake in compensated surrogacy. Since then, Ukraine has become a popular destination for intended parents from around the world who are seeking to engage in legally certain, cost effective and technologically sound surrogacy arrangements.

In fact, our medical partners in Ukraine have been building families through IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) for nearly 30 years. They now deliver an average of 500 babies each year using state of the art facilities based on Western medical protocols. This comprises a live birth success rate of some 74 percent, which means that our intended parents have a 74 percent likelihood of taking home a baby after just one IVF cycle.

But it is not just the technological expertise of our medical clinics that makes Ukraine a popular destination for intended parents. Federal Ukrainian legislation that permits compensated surrogacy is also amongst the most legally certain surrogacy legislation in the world.

Article 123 of the Ukrainian Family Code makes clear that when intended parents create an embryo, and transfer it into a surrogate to carry, they are to be considered the legal parents of the child. This stands in stark contrast to like provisions in other jurisdictions, which vest legal parentage in the birth mother of the child.

In Ukraine, children are deemed to belong to their intended parents from the moment that they are conceived. The surrogate mother has no right to contest the maternal affiliation of the intended mother. The legal framework is clear and long established such that birth certificates are issued quickly with only the intended parents listed as parents.

Furthermore, surrogacy contracts are deemed to be enforceable under federal Ukrainian law. This gives surrogacy contracts entered into in Ukraine a legal certainty that like contracts in other jurisdictions cannot be said to share.

Apart from the legal and medical benefits that attend surrogacy arrangements entered into in Ukraine, compensated surrogacy in Ukraine is also significantly cheaper than counterpart arrangements elsewhere in the world. In fact, our surrogacy programs in Ukraine cost less than half of the amount that some agencies charge for similar arrangements in the United States.

It’s not surprising then that we have a number of intended parents from around the world pursuing surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine. Those arrangements are medically and technologically sound, legally certain, and cost effective. We offer an all-inclusive, fixed costs program that guarantees as many embryo transfers as is necessary to achieve a pregnancy from one full IVF cycle. You can read more about our surrogacy program in Ukraine here.

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