The Measure of a Surrogacy Agency is its Service During a Crisis

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We have previously announced the closure of our Russia program.  It is unfortunate given that our clients experienced great results from Russian clinics, but it is impossible to operate under the current circumstances where Russia has invaded Ukraine and suffered from crippling sanctions. 

Our final clients in Russia had their baby born on 15 March 2022.  We managed to get them into Russia just a few days before Australians were blocked from travelling to Russia, and we are very excited and pleased to announce that we have managed to get them all of their documents (citizenship, passport and exit visa) to leave Russia this week.  This was only possible with the significant personal assistance provided by our Russian team in St Petersburg, for which we and the intended parents are extremely grateful.  We hope to one day in the future work with them again, but that will require a change of government in Russia, so we have no idea how long that will be.

We pride ourselves on working with clients for as long as it takes to get home with their baby and keep working until they have completed all legal requirements – that is our service, regardless of the circumstances – pandemic or war.

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